Anonymous whispered: Where do you go to school if you don't mind me asking!

I go to hofstra :)

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I’m still so obsessed with this piercing 😍

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5 Seconds of Summer perform on the Today Show - July 22nd, 2014 

Anonymous whispered: why don't u post selfies

i post them sometimes! i’ll post more just for u anon ;)

Anonymous whispered: is it easy to meet e3

i think it depends where you’s easy for me because i live near new york city and they’re here a lot but if you don’t live in a popular area it can be hard if they don’t tour there often :/


I love them

Anonymous whispered: what does this Carly look like

Anonymous whispered: What are your feelings towards Carly miner

i just don’t really care they’re on and off again all the time i don’t feel like keeping up with it



They’re so 😍 and I’m so😶

You got the stromberg sandwich AW